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Brian Jurow

Long Island, New York, United States
May 6, 2015
Last Login
Sep 5, 2015

My name outside of the Internet is Brian, however I would prefer to be called by my online alias "The FishMan". 

To be completely blunt, I have no recollection of how I learned to play chess. I can tell you I did learn when I was around 5-6, and that there is a chance I learned from my Grandparents. I very rarely ever played, but knew the basic rules. I literally played maybe 3 or 4 games a year, maybe even less some years. All the way up until now, roughly a month ago.

Outside of the Chess Board, I used to work in the Fish business. I'm damn good at what I do too. As of now, I attend college, studying Chinese as my main focus. My interests include reading books(yes, even graphic novels. I do not like to refer them as comics), study foreign languages and their respective culture. I do play some video games, and I do have a thing for drawing, I do tattoos on the side for some extra income.

I'm always down for a good game of chess if you would like to add me.

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