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Hi everyone, my name is Alex! I am a computer science student and captain of the collegiate chess team at Saint Louis University.

I have played chess for more than 20 years, becoming an International Grandmaster at 17 and winning numerous individual and team events around the world. Among my major successes is the memorable victory at 2012 World U-20 Junior Chess Championship, ahead of Ding Liren, Rapport, Yu Yangyi, Wei Yi and other strong grandmasters. I have been a top-150 player in the world and top-20 player in the United States (regardless of country, residence, or federation) for many years now. Feel free to check the current ranking on USCF website: For more detailed information on my chess achievements, you can refer to

In my spare time, I have also written two peer-reviewed books on the subject of practical approach to chess. Volume I is available at, whereas the newly-released Volume II сan be ordered through

I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you. You can reach out to me by sending a message on, or by filling out a short form at .


In your message, please introduce yourself (unfortunately, most people don't do a simple thing like that!), briefly describe your chess background and be specific about what you are looking for. Messages, that do not conform to this format, may be ignored. Free trial lessons may be provided on a case-by-case basis, so please reach out! 

PS. Currently not available for online lessons.