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CM thegreatauk

Oliver Picken

Whangarei, New Zealand
Jun 25, 2013
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4 hrs ago
Supporting member since Dec 16, 2014


I am 15 and here are some facts about me:

  • I do homeschooling.
  • I play quite a lot of cricket.
  • I am a big fan of variants especially Bulldog chess and Infinite chess.
  • I am basically vegan. 

On the chess side of things, I started when I was seven and played a bit but I didn't like the losing aspecthappy.png Anyway I got back into it half a year later and started playing on the computer and got better. Eventually went to an OTB tournament and I played in the second lowest grade and won it on tiebreaks with 5 out of 6. I continued going to those junior tournaments and I crept up to the top division which I never actually won but I got close but now I play in different tournaments anyway. After that I started going to FIDE rated tournaments and have had some very good results. In January 2017 there was the Oceania Zonal where there was a chance at a title if you scored 4.5 out of 9 I decided to have a go at it. First round I played the 4 seed I think and lost easilysad.png sadly this continued into the lower rated players and I ended up losing the first three games. So I needed 4.5 out of 6 still and consecutively winning a few I came up against a CM from Fiji where I got an opening advantage lost it and held a tricky rook ending. An then I lost on and it came down to the last game where I had black and had to win which I managed! Anyway I hope I haven't bored you with thathappy.png On chess.com you will usually find me hanging about in The Official Goofing Off Thread (my favorite forum) and some others. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

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