Hi. Im 13 years old. I joined around December 2020 after a friend introduced it to me. I only found interest in the game around March 2021 and been studying and playing chess since. During that time, I reached mid 1500 Rapid, 1600 Blitz and 1700 Bullet

I also like watching anime such as Attack on titan, Death Note, One Punch man etc... I also play a little bit of the piano and I also like speed cubing. My goal is to reach 2000 in any time format . Shoutout to @hiryanli for making my pfp and the banner for my club.

Best win in a rated rapid game

Best win in a rated blitz game

Best wins agains titled players in rated games

 join My club if you want. Trophy to everyone who joins. 

Thats is all ig and have a nice day