Hello, this is my bio so I'm gonna talk a little about me

I'm bored sooo I'm gonnna describe me with the help of the English alphabet


Best sub in soccer



Expert in how to fail in tying a tie

Favorite cousin of my cousin

Giant to all the short queens

Horrible at keeping track of the days


Jealous of people who eat Chick-fil-A

Karate noob

Loving human


Noob at being quiet

Optical illusion

Pleading u to follow me on

Queen of absolutely nada

Reading the Bronze Bow

Scary human

Trying to type but can't

U barely know me

Very cool while looking at mountains


Xcaret is a place I went to

Yard worker

Zooming at trees at full speed at trees 

I accidentally erased almost all of my bio so dm me if u want to be in shoutouts