Status: "I can do, you can do" - H'Hen Nie, Viet Nam grandmiss.

YouTube channel: The Super Noob Gamer

Age: 15

Warning: Flex right here: Won a province prize

Why did I leave community?

So far I was too concentrated about It made my health decrease and my ability to study also. I will miss you all!

All information is here.

Friend with me by:

Welcome you to see my profile!

(Don't mind my English)

Just be a normal noob, I want to help all people in in generally and in our country in particular. Also Vietnamese always want to be friend with all other countries!

I am the owner of Revive club, a good super admin of international club Daily Tournament, Champion of Blitz - Bullet, World Blitz Championship, international club of janavjerg, The White Knight Empire, International Chess Club Of Duong Tuan Hung. Go there and enjoy your time with interesting talk and competitive arena.

I don't know if I enjoy variants of chess more than standard, but I'm in the creative team of making NCVs, also in the Variant and multiple players chess clubs. Yup, I also found the club to help people submit NCVs. Even though this club may not work suitably for you but we, voluntary team, shall work as good as possible.

I have lots of good friends, but @xXx_Arima_xXx is the best helper of me. He has been supporting me to manage my clubs to develop better and better. He is also a believable admin or super admin in some clubs. As a friendly Vietnamese, I want you to make friend with me.

I just want to write more, but now I will chill with music.

Good luck have fun to all you!

Thanks to @VN_Arima (@xXx_Arima_xXx), this is made: