Diamond Member Coach

Successful Fide Senior Trainer (FST)

Current Serbian Men's Head Captain and Coach

Coached more than 800 students worldwide, including:

  • GM Eric Hansen (Canada) – Chessbrah!

  • GM Alex Ipatov (Turkey), World Junior Champion (2012)

  • WGM Qiyu Zhou (Canada), World Youth Champion U14 (2014)

  • GM Milan Zajic (Serbia), Vice World Champion U14 (2013)

  • GM Denis Kadric (Bosnia)

  • WGM Jovana Rapport nee Vojinovic (Serbia), World Youth Champion U16

  • IM Richard Wang (Canada), Vice World Champion U12, World Bronze U14 (2012)

  • IM James Adair (England)

I’ve created more than 10 GM's, 30 IM's, 100 FM's in more than 107 countries, on all continents!

I coach for all abilities and I’m able to offer:

Personalized Self Study Programme (something I create for every student based on individual skills and weaknesses)

Game Annotations (analysis of any requested games)

Training Games (matches against a student to expose and resolve any weaknesses)

Personal Tournament Coaching (accompany you in a tournament as a personal coach)

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My chess style is mostly an attacking one but lately, I am expanding into more positional play. I enjoy sacrificing pieces and making interesting games! My favorite players are: Jose Raul Capablanca and Garry Kasparov