blitz is fine and we dont talk abt bullet lol


Most important stuff first:

* I beat a gm in atomic blitz!! (@GMG is cool send him a friend request) (

* best atomic game EVER (1 takeback each) vs @Al9rsh (2600)


* I finally beat @OreoZebra0 by checkmate!! (2504 in atomic blitz)


* I'm dueling @thunderstorm74 in atomic, current score is 18-0

* I adopted @thunderstorm74 in atomic

* I also rickrolled @thunderstorm74 xD (x2)

* I beat a NM in atomic blitz:


* I beat a FM in atomic hyper (

* I double adopted @VishruthM in atomic blitz (score is 23-0)

* I adopted @boyze10 in atomic blitz

* I adopted @Ethan5670 in atomic rapid

* on 9/21/21 I met a dude named Munky (fr)

* my craziest atomic clutch: 

* a pretty cool mate in atomic: 

My bio begins here:

Yeah ik it's kinda messy rn. If you like it, send me a friend request and read it. If you don't like it, send me a friend request and leave or do whatever you want idc. If we're already friends, then unfriend me and send me a friend request again.


Some answers to questions no one ever asked:


1. What is your name? I wont tell you my real name just call me revenant or whatever you want idc.

2. How old are you? 15

3. Are you a guy or a girl? I'm a guy, i'm straight.

4. What do you do for fun? Well obviously chess. Some other stuff I like to do is swimming and biking and pretty much every sport except baseball and football. Some random facts: I've made a half court shot with a frisbee. I've swam a mile in less than half an hour. 

5. Why is your rating so low? I haven't played a lot bc I'm kinda busy and when I do play it's unrated


My best friends on

* @alphabeta4242 - very noice and smort person, thx for everything (:

* @ugu000 - yayy good to see you back (:

* @TheChocolateCake - tyy for being there for me, you're a great friend (:

* @demongirls - rip still gone ):

* @N30N100 - a very nice person

* @Al9rsh (or maybe @ganneet or @mabroook or @9rsh) - stop changing your name plssss I'm so confused xd - the best atomic player, tysm for all the advice and jokes

* @RosesR_Red - wbb

* @Kayden_Potter - yayyy you're back

* @Mikhail_Tal_08 - rip gone again ):

Pls send all these ppl friend requests and don't mess with any of them.


Best ppl on the variant server:

#2kgang :b

* @alphabeta4242 (2300)

* @howtomakeausername (2000) 

* @user_with_name (2100)

* @kselz (2200)

.* @al9rsh (2600)

* @UltimatumPT (2400)

* @OreoZebra0 (2500)


A nice quote:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."


Bullying? Think you're so cool? The girl you called fat? She is on a diet. The girl you called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for the country. That boy who was crying? His mother is dying. The kid you just made fun of for being bald? He had cancer. Write this in your profile, on your wall, or in your autobiography if you believe bullies should be exterminated (or if you just have a mild intolerance for tyrannical persecutors)


That's it ig. Have a good day