Hello fellow humans! I see you have somehow stumbled into this dark corner of the internet that is my profile… why you’re here? I don’t know, I’d be confused if you’re interested in me but maybe I know you from the CHT and that’s why you’re here… 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t know your life, why don’t you tell me why you’re here. 
Speaking of CHT that club is kinda GOATED fr fr, if you’re a Christian homeschooler, or a former Christian homeschooler, or a graduated Christian homeschooler, or a Christian who isn’t homeschooled… you should join! That club saved me from some depressing times in my life (screw COVID lockdowns fr fr 😂) and I’ve always had a jolly ol’ time there talking nonsense. 

close friends on this site? Meh, don’t really have many, most of my irl friends have come and gone from the site, I’m sorta the only consistent lingerer. But here’s some people I definitely appreciate and had many fun times hanging out with  and discussing all sorts of topics 

We got Danny the DragonTracker my fellow enjoyer of Rise Against 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼

Jay the Rexus. Always enjoy your insights in debates, and the Star Wars discussions were always fun. 

Luke with a G and a K. Always adds lots of thought into a discussion, and is easily the most consistently active CHT member from my “most active” period. 

AwesomeBubba, fellow car ball addict 🚗⚽️

Will buck that is new (RIP) the international football discussion club had a wonderful moment with you as its leader 🫡 

Soulmate, always a good example of faithfulness. Have never not enjoyed a discussion with you. 

and imma rapid fire through some more temporarily and go into more detail about them later. But we’ve got Courage, Select Chicken, Hannah, Sara (RIP), Emperor Josiah, North St Champ my good ol board game buddy from home and country 🇨🇦, and many more. 

anyways, don’t have time to continue for now. But we’ll see if I ever get round to editing this further 🤘🏼Rest in piece Wicket, My favourite doggo ever