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My Interview :http://www.onlinechesslessons.net/2011/11/07/petar-genov-interview/ 


Hi Chess friends,

                   I offer coaching online for the people who need to improve chess


Send me an E-mail to petar_genov@yahoo.com







 International Grand Master (IGM)


                            I am a  Fide Certified Trainer with more than 30 years of experience in Teaching chess....

My highest ELO is 2526 .


    My name is Petar Genkov  Genov - Grand master in chess since 2002 Year.

      I started to work like a chess coach from 1991 year in Bulgaria. Then few Years temporary in Chania, Greece, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro. Then many Years in Cyprus - both parts. I have chess champions ( young children ) in Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Bulgaria. Vice President and main coach of "An pasan" chess club in Sofia,Bulgaria. From 9 Years regularly online chess coach with students from all Continents. Intensive chess schedule. Starting to work with a new student only after first ( test ) class - if there is not synchronous-adaptation between coach and student I am not accepting to continue. Individual plan for every student.                    


 Petar Genov