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Hi Chess friends,

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 International Grand Master (IGM)


                            I am a  Fide Certified Trainer with more than 26 years of experience in Teaching chess....

My highest ELO is 2526 .


    My name is Petar Genkov  Genov - Grand master in chess since 2002 Year.

                           I started to play chess when I was 7 Years old. My father was also my first teacher...Near every evening we played games , analyzed different positions and endgames . Very fast I became in love with chess and start alone to read books of Capablanca , 2 parts from A.Kotov for "A.Alekhine chess heritage" , later "My System" from A.Nimzovitch . In parallel I worked with different books of endgames (rook endgames mainly ) . Of course I tried to solve a few combinations every day...In my 9 Years old my father took me to chess club in Plovdiv ( I was born there ). Step by step ( 2 times by week - lessons in chess club but mainly for endgames only...) I became the best player in Plovdiv ( 350 000 people ) for my ages . Then I played my first chess tournament on 11 Years old - it was team tournament - I made 1 point from 3 games happy.png . Maybe because I started with team tournament - until now I prefer to play this type of chess tournaments . When I was 14 Years old I won for 1 time Bulgarian Individual championship for boys under 14 . Then I needed to play World champ. for boys but it was in Israel and socialistic countries made boycott and didn't play...15-18 Years I was very busy (in mathematics school Plovdiv ) and didn't play too much tournaments ( practically stop to play chess for little time ).19 - 24 Years old I became the most progressive player in Bulgaria...1991 I cover all norms and became IM ( International Master of chess ) , 1993 I became Bulgarian men champion ! 1992-1996 Years I studied and graduated National Sport Academy "Vasil Levski" Sofia like chess trainer . 1996-1999 I was trainer of Tihomir Dovramadjiev - first European chess-box champion! 1999 Year I became for second time Bulgarian champion for mans and cover my first Grand Master-norm . The same Year I won round-robin tournament in Subotica (Serbia ) and cover 2 GM norm ( here I won legendary GM Dragoljub Velimirovic with black peaces in his favorite Velimirovic attack variation! ). 2001 Year I won the best chess open for same Year and best in my career Lausanne ( Swiss ) and cover my 3rd GM norm - behind   32 GM's...In this tournament I was coach of Ivan Cheparinov ( now very strong GM with about 2700 ELO and main analyst of Veselin Topalov - ex World champion for mans ) . 2002 I take part of Bulgarian National team in Chess Olympiad in Bled ,Slovenia . I played many chess competitions in different countries and won more then 20 International chess tournaments ! 1991-1994 Year I was main coach of women team in Plovdiv . Since this time I work in parallel like chess trainer and chess player . 2005 Year I became a FIDE trainer ! I have been a champion in Montenegro , 3 children champions in Greece , Champion in his ages group ( more 5 times ! ) in North Cyprus . Also my  daughter is Bulgarian champion u 8 Years for girls for 2012 Year . My son became a Bulgarian champion for boys u 8 in 2014 Year and then participated in World Championship in Durban , South Africa  . 2015 Year my other student Lachezar Kolev became a Bulgarian champion boys u 10. Last Years mainly I work like chess trainer on Internet and for our chess club An Pasan , Sofia Bulgaria where I am also Vice President . I am also corrector of translated chess book from Capablanca with 2 editions more than 5,000 units sold - probably the most purchased chess book in Bulgaria.