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the couch, Canada
Dec 18, 2007
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Mar 5, 2014
i like washing my hands. there are too many humans. the placenta came out before i did so technically i'm the "afterbirth". there is one person i would thoroughly enjoy committing heinous acts of violence against and a bunch of others just random acts of violence. i'm very intolerant...of lactose and other foolishness. i wish i learned to sew so that i could fix the hole in my shorts. when you understand why you don't believe in all possible gods you'll then understand why i don't believe in yours - abbreviated version of a quote by stephen robert that sums up my lack of religiosity. completed my phd in iglooology june '07. i like candles...especially when lit...and especiallier when scented and lit. If you are a theist I believe you're fkinucg stupid. i've been compared to kasparov in the past by many quality players. not at chess tho...baseball. my favourite opening is e4, Nf3, d4, Rg1, resign 0-1.
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