Feb 22, 2016
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Since Jul 17, 2016

A junior player formerly from central Texas. Played some good games and some bad ones too. 

I blocked chat due to sore losers. Don't write trash messages here just because you lost, it's just a game. Usually, I accept 2-3 rematches, not excessive though.

Famous people, I've beat(not a very long list /= ) :

IM Kostya Kavutskiy (World open blitz) 2480

GM Fidel Corrales (Corrales Simul) 2630

GM Ben Finegold (Online Bullet) 2450

IM Igor Bjelobrk (Online Blitz) 2340

Rachel Li (DCC rapid) 2120

I don't take friend requests from unknown people or club invites for pointless things.

Other things I do for fun: 

Make Webtoons, Play Magic: The Gathering, Play video games, Read, Swim

Don't prepare for me by checking these games, I play the grob in bullet but OTB...

I take challengers in live chess! 1+0 or 3+2 RATED are preferable if you want to challenge me. I suck at daily chess so you can beat me in that if you want.

If you've made it this far on my profile page, you're a stalker. Now go away.