Feb 22, 2016
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57 min ago
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Since Jul 17, 2016

A junior player formerly from central Texas. Played some good games and some bad ones too. 

Just got a lot of points at bay area championship (:

My Highest ratings:

  1. 2334 (Chess.com Blitz)
  2. 2302 (Lichess Bullet)
  3. 2209 (Lichess Rapid)
  4. 2207 (Chess.com Bullet)
  5. 2175 (Lichess Blitz)
  6. 2079 (USCF classical)
  7. 2052 (USCF blitz)
  8. 1965 (Chess.com Rapid)
  9. 1918 (FIDE Blitz)
  10. 1908 (USCF Rapid)
  11. 1891 (FIDE Classical)
  12. 1855 (Chesskid Fast)

I blocked chat due to sore losers. Don't write trash messages here just because you lost, it's just a game. Usually, I accept 2-3 rematches, not excessive though.

I don't take friend requests from unknown people or club invites for pointless things.

Other things I do for fun: 

Make Webtoons, Play Magic: The Gathering, Play video games, SpeedCube, Geography 

Don't prepare for me by checking these games, I play the grob in bullet but OTB...

I take challengers in live chess! 1+0 or 3+2 RATED are preferable if you want to challenge me. I suck at daily chess so you can beat me in that if you want.

If you've made it this far on my profile page, you're a stalker. Now go away.