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I love cats and reading lol. Dogs are nice too. my favorite foods are curry, rice, COOORRRNN.

Sushi is cool too.  

idk what a bio is buuut soooooo i guess this is my bbio sooo yaaaaa.....bye......BYE.....I SAID  BYE!!!!!!..... ..... WAIT! look DOWN                                                                                                                                                             \/

the cheese tax

ALSO EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF JOEL SPELLING LOL WRONG (joel is a guy that says everything correctly)

waaaaaaah he left sad.png

dm me the word rice for an award

yo, my name is ****,

am I the best at Google Snake?

I can bake a cake,

in a lake, with a rake,

so don't call me a fake,

for your own sake,

or I will hit you with a steak!

make no mistake,

it will give a pa

inful ache,

and you may turn a 

bit opaq


and even start to shake!

so listen here you rattlesnake,

I will lead a jailbreak,

in which 

you will not partake,

because you are a tiny cornflake!

so I offer you a handshake,

for the last time, you will make a mistake

since you will not die at daybreak

because I'm the best at g

google snake.


when i have time........