Black :- Sicilian, French & Dutch, Benoni; (👉゚ヮ゚)👉 ... Learning the Grünfeld & Ruy Lopez

White:- [d4] Catalan, QG, Stonewall, Torre, London;
             [e4] KIA, Italian, Bishop's Opening (⚆_⚆)

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Previous Username: Goose_Booze_Snooze
Lichess: Goose_OwO 

Tip 1: If you get a feeling that your opponent is cheating, do not resign in disgust. Try to survive the game beyond move 30 because you are building evidence for for reviews. If you resign before move 20 it could be considered preparation.

Tip 2: If you are on a losing streak but still want to play more, consider playing against a computer bot to fix mood & gain back confidence. 

One of my favourite Sicilian Games played by Vasyl Ivanchuk: