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Tom Maney
Chicago area, United States
Jul 8, 2010
Last Login
Jan 5, 2014

Chess.com has my rating at 1800+ . Don't let that fool you. I'm closer to 1450.


      You will find, that most of the higher rated players that are NOT premium members, I do well against.  Why?  Because I choose from the Master openings, from Chess.com's Explorer data base.  I feel a good opening  is a huge advantage.


      If my opponent is a 1450+ premium member, who also uses the Explorer, they will usually beat me.


       As a rule I NEVER time out.  The only times I have timed out was when I really was "On Vacation" in a no vacation tournament.


       In short, I'm very beatable.  Whatever  you do, just don't "time  out" and give me FREE points.  I won't quit on you if you don't quit on me.


       I  only play a handful of games at at time.  I will spend a lot of time on the games I play with you. As I will play out various scenarios, using the "Analysis" board, on Chess.com.


      Have fun playing chess.  I hope to learn as much from you as you learn from me.



      If you choose to become a premium member, use me "Tommmmm" as a reference.  (You get a free month, for every new member you referr.) To Date, I've gotten ONE free month. Use me as a reference and you will enable me to my Second free month.    Thanks in advance. 

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