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Welcome to actually existing capitalism folks! Our planet is threatened by global warming, which is caused by unsustainable capitalism, a profit-based and obsessed system.  In a few years our industrial civilization may collapse, due to more than a 2º increase in temperatures. The main effect will punish crops and harvests around the world, and will cause tremendous rising sea levels. With 70-80% of global population in the coast line, this will lead to massive migrations, increasing tensions between nuclear powers, scarcity of key resources.... Such an apocalyptic scenario is not a scifi movie, it is already the reality for many Third Wolrd countries, depleted and plundered by Western corporations, and will be, according to scientists on several areas, the reality for all countries. Very likely a kind of eco-fascism will come out in developed countries, advocating for closed borders and protection from massive flows of population. Ecosocialism seems to be a sensible option to alleviate the worst consequences of this climate crisis, a new green deal is required. We have ahead a very gloomy landscape, let's play some chess in the meantime.