I'm a computer geek by trade so it shouldn't come as a surprise that my puter is a beast, let me explain, I ran a benchmark to find out how my puter faired to other puters out there, out of 4,169,000 puters, mine scored better then 4,000,000, mahahahaha! really that is something to brag about, now you might think, what a waste, what does someone need a puter like that for, when my puter isn't being used, it is helping scientists all over the world to discover new things that will benefit mankind, this is called bionc and I encourage everyone to join in this effort. I have other hobbies like playing my guitar, riding my mountainbike, and most importantly I am a one man grilling machine, your turn. I learned to play chess in elementary school but it's in the last few years that I really started devoting serious time to learn this fantastic game, I now am a proud chess addict with a small but significant chess library, I also have a small collection of chess related DVD's and chess software. I actually like to replay and study chess games from old grandmasters, a couple of my favorite books are The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal and Alexander Alekhine's Best Games, both annotated their books in an easy to read and understand way unlike Bobby Fischer's book "My 60 Memorable Games" which I find is impossible to read and understand.