john hagerty
West Orange, NJ, United States
Feb 4, 2011
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Although I am mostly retired from OTB Chess, I am the president of the West Orange Chess Club; I run tournaments, teach kids and coach my fellow club players by analysing their games. I`m involved in USCF email correspondence tournaments. My other hobbies are fishing and tennis. My USCF correspondence rating is 2124 which places me on the top 100 list as of 1-31- 2016. I also got involved in the Caro-Kann Study Group and the Caro-Kann Players on the Black side on both vote Chess teams. The Caro-Kann Study Group has a draw and a win with one game to go. With the Caro-Kann Players, I am involved in 4 vote Chess games one of which is a game in which we are White in a Ruy Lopez! It`s a lot of fun especially since I`m retired and I invite people to join - a great way to learn!

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