I'm currently not online very often due to job-related issues and the fact that cc has changed a lot and sadly not for the better. sorry my fellow feckin eejits and my atheists. miss you.

hence I'm enjoying anonymity in the internet don't take the above data too seriously.


I've rediscovered chess in 2008 after not playing for a long time thanks to the opportunities provided by the internet. Since then I'm playing live-chess using the awesome BabasChess interface and enjoying correspondence chess and the social aspects of chess.com.


oh and yes, I'm an atheist! Deal with it!





now dare to think for yourself!

and I have to add that if you're a religious person and you start a conversation with me concerning "proof" for what you are believing in or advertizing for your religion or questioning my atheism ... don't blame me for what you've started. in fact I am an educated scientist and I have spent years reading scientific and philosophical literature. this includes in-depth analysis of religions.


I really enjoy the company of m8ed, E_the_G, Frank Burns, Taxi, Mentac and of course of The Others! thanks for making cc the fun place it is for me! without you I would have already canceled my premium membership.


cc it would be a good thing if you could finally come to the conclusion that what differs you from for instance FICS with the awesome Babas interface is the fact that people can meet and form groups. An essential part of that in the past has been embedding videos into Forum Topics. And banning people completely from cc due to what reasons ever does not help. During the four years I've seen several people getting banned who have been the backbone of a lot of social interaction here on cc.


I miss MikeDoyle and I shed some tears when they burried Kobe.

oh and I also miss the "Music saves my soul." group and talking to its foundress, soulforhire.


pass along his name in the clacks ...