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Tyrion Lannister, hand of the queen
it's not a cult, it's a lifestyle™, Russia
Jan 21, 2017
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Supporting member since May 20, 2017

 *PLEASE  NOTE I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANYMORE CHALLENGES UNTIL I AM UNDER 6.   (   Eget mollis congue sed ipsum diam sit consectetur nam libero ante quam ligula donec arcu consectetur. Consectetur ipsum lorem consectetur amet ultricies arcu praesent sit mattis tortor hendrerit sit. Vitae ligula sit tortor mauris egestas praesent a. Amet quam a nec quam amet donec maecenas vitae augue ut et praesent ut dolor ultricies praesent sit mattis. Ipsum ipsum lorem ut sed ipsum et tortor ligula arcu ultricies mattis egestas viverra quam sit diam consectetur sit ut mollis sit eget a mattis.
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 Sometimes even a geek can become a hero. Dennis and his friends have been LARPing since high school. Now, in his 20s, Dennis is seriously considering giving up LARPing for good. He's tired of dealing with his overzealous friend Mark; he's tired of his older brother Brad's constant put-downs; and he's tired of the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Check that. Not a girlfriend, but the girlfriend. Alyssa--the one woman he's been pining over for years. Dennis and his fellow LARPers have never been considered cool, in their small island community of Verona, located off the coast of Washington State. But all of that is about to change. . . While Dennis and his friends are attending a big LARP tournament on the mainland, a rogue terrorist group of Mongolians in medieval garb, led by an American madman, invade Verona and take its citizens hostage--including their families and friends. When the LARPers find out what's happening in their home-town, they do what any dedicated LARPer would do: they put on their armor, strap on their swords, and fight their way home--LARP-style


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