***** THE UNDISPUTED MOST POWERFUL FEMALE CHESS PLAYER ON CHESS.COM (2013-Current) *****"One of the youngest Russian female Candidate Masters of all time in 2013 at the age of 5.  I fear no one and I intend to impose my will. Throughout time there has always been the element of hostility in the game of chess. Prior to winning the World Championship, Fischer stated: "The Russians have been holding my title for the past 10 years." It was clear from his statement that he was intent on taking it. In modern times, Kasparov and Anand have demonstrated hostility towards each other. It is natural... I embody the true spirit of chess as it was always meant to be played. I don't have to hate my opponents in order to defeat them, but that says nothing about how I feel about them when we do battle." The Alpha is here. The strength of mind, the power of will, together defined, destiny to fill. We breathe in, we shout out, the need to win, to find a route. To move on, to overcome, we are drawn, to conquer all until all is won.