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Connecticut, United States
Apr 9, 2015
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7 hrs ago

Like chess, movies, walking, all types of music, cats, art, fixing laptops, beer...old now but used to like all types of individual sports: swimming, martial arts, yoga, long distance running, triathlons, scuba, climbing/hiking...like to be out in natural setting, have a green thumb too. Earned Master of Science in Geology (1982) and worked in petroleum 4 years in Midland,TX and later environmental science in Connecticut (1986-93) before the lawyers got involved. Owner/operator along with my wife of buy-sell-trade business in Destin, FL concerned with music CDs, DVDs, and Video Games (94-2002), but digital downloads wrecked that. Lived in Florida for 21 years but back in Connecticut now where I was born/raised.  Real estate investor, made 1.5 million and then lost all in crash of 2006-08 in FL. Easy come easy go. Currently eBay power seller almost last 20 years; have done a little of everything but mainly laptop parts and laptops now. Started chess when I was 8, just as something to do...quit at around 14 when lost interest....picked it up again when I was a about 50, started and ran a OTB chess club for about 5 years in Florida, got tired of running it and passed the responsibility on to someone else but keep playing as a member. Started martial arts seriously when I was 50+ and won some sparring tournys in with the 40-50 year old group, stunk at forms. Injured my knee for fourth time at 58 (jumping/lunge front/switch kick, knocked 250 man braced and holding bag over and back 10 feet but landed wrong) and quit martial arts. Trying to start another OTB club found a few local members so far here in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Also amateur harmonica player for about 45 years now, play classic rock, blues, classical, jazz but never learned to read music, too busy. Think I may have un-diagnosed ADD because can never do the same profession over about 5 to 7 years, have to keep moving....

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