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Connecticut, United States
Apr 9, 2015
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Like chess, movies, walking, fixing laptops, beer...old now but used to like all types of individual sports: swimming, martial arts, yoga, long distance running, triathlons, scuba, climbing/hiking...like to be out in natural setting, have a green thumb too. Earned Master of Science in Geology (1982) and worked in petroleum 4 years in Midland,TX and later environmental science in Connecticut (1986-93) before the lawyers got involved. Owner/operator along with my wife of buy-sell-trade business in Destin, FL concerned with music CDs, DVDs, and Video Games (94-2002), but digital downloads wrecked that. Lived in Florida for 21 years but back in Connecticut now where I was born/raised.  Real estate investor, made 1.5 million and then lost all in crash of 2006-08 in FL. Easy come easy go. Currently eBay power seller almost last 20 years; have done a little of everything but mainly laptop parts and laptops now. Started chess when I was 8, just as something to do...quit at around 14 when lost interest....picked it up again when I was a about 50, started and ran a OTB chess club for about 5 years in Florida, got tired of running it and passed the responsibility on to someone else but keep playing as a member. Started martial arts seriously when I was 50+ and won some sparring tournys in with the 40-50 year old group, stunk at forms. Injured my knee for fourth time at 58 (jumping/lunge front/switch kick, knocked 250 man braced and holding bag over and back 10 feet but landed wrong) and quit martial arts. Trying to start another OTB club found a few local members so far here in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

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