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Chess originated in India. "Chathurangam" which was popular in Kerala, is probably the version closest to modern international chess. Cherusseri Namboodiri was a scholar who decorated the royal assembly of Raja Udayavarman of Kolathunaadu in North Kerala during the 15th century. Once, Cherusseri and the Raja were engaged in a game of chaturangam and the Raja was in a difficult position. The Rani was rocking a baby in a cradle, watching the game and saw that the Raja could win the game by pushing a pawn. She sang a lullaby tune - “unthunthu unthunthu unthunthu unthunthu, unthunthu unthunthu aale unthu” - suggesting that the Raja must move up the pawn. He took the hint and won the game. After the game, the Raja instructed Cherusseri to compose a poem in the same meter as the lullaby. This led to the creation of the famous poetic work "Krishnagaatha" in Malayalam. "Krishnagaatha" sings of the boyhood pranks of Lord Krishna.
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