May 12, 2013
Last Online
Mar 25, 2014

I learnt chess in traditional scholastic tournments 25-30 years ago.Played 1 to 2 years and ,also, some correspondence chess.Reestarted 24 months ago and went from 900 to around 1500 OTB rating in long time control.As I played before only with lots of time,my brain, simplily, can't work fast and being older I am afraid of not being,never,good in the tactical trainer here ( that has a strict time, I am 1550 in other tactical trainers that do not use time).

My job makes it ideal for me to play online.I try to take, at least, 10 min per move.I love vote chess and love even more to learn and study chess( for which I recomend the videos that are open to the diamond members and the "Guess the Move in ChessGames).

My most wanted chess objectives are to get to 1800 more OTB rating ( to play in "adult" tournments) with no need of this happening fast.

My objectives in chess.com are to help as much as possible in vote chess, my teams ( Last Rites Specially but I will do my best everytime).Also, I want to foster friendship, train my chess and keep annonymous.

 I will try to have less than 14, perhaps 10 online games concurrents because I wish to dedicate more for each game.So, usually, I will not accept challenges.Also, in my own games I want to play only for me, never for teams in team matchs.Knowing that a team needs my results makes me get anxious. Also I do not like teams that wanna be the better ones but the teams that wanna help in the member's enjoyment.

Also I wanna do my best for the small team for adult improvers, "OTB".(the best place to be, aplay if you want)  http://www.chess.com/groups/home/over-the-board

Also, I will not play, usually, in thematic tournments because I am training different openings as white and black.

I like a lot to stay Annonymous here, to enjoy, even more, my time here so I am not speaking about my personal life, but will speak about other things that are not directly related to chess and cultivate a good humor.I will not, offcourse, lie.

 I am having good experiences with live analysis of my games, with coachs, by skype.As a coach i truly recoment STU (acessible, cheap and good to teach) (http://www.chess.com/members/view/Cool_Dude83)Also, I am trying to mimic, as much as possible, in online games, the OTB way o playing.So, I am starting some unrated games, in online, without Db and analyse button and with a clock.

If you play me, wait for a fair and good fight, specially in longer time controls.but, if your rating is higher than mine and you are in an ending better than me, don't get annoyed if I simplily resign.As my time is precious and I do not have problems in loosing some rating points, I get desestimulated in this kind of games.

If you wanna an "OTB experience" without scheduling probelms: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/otb-sim-team

As I usually analyse a lot, wait for me punishing blunders and playing more positionally than tactically.

I hate, but respect, players that keep playing loose games instead of simplily resigning.And usually accept draws in drawn games.As it is allowed in online chess here, unless if agreed differently I use chess Db's and opening books to play vote and online chess.So, as I want a fair game, I wish my opponents do the same.But I will never play a move that I do not understand.

Also, I hate cheater's and cheater's heklpers.