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When I was 2 years old, my Dad taught me how to play chess. By the time I was 5 years old, I knew the first 25 moves of the Guicco Piano. My Dad also taught me Petroffs defence for black. I played first board in High School starting in 9th grade. My chess teams always went to the State Championships finishing in the top 10.

My Dad loved historical chess sets. Our chess family played on Florentine (11th century) and Renaisance (15th century) chess sets growing up. My Dad played his friends on a King Arthur (6th century) chess set. He took me to a museum where I saw an Egyptian chess set from 2 BC. I learned about Staunton (18th century) chess sets in High School.

As a tournament director for the Hawaii Chess Club, I am striving to keep Hawaiian chess players competitive online and over the board.

As a teacher I recommend having a copy of the following books:

1. USCFs Official Rules of Chess 7th edition by Tim Just

2. Chess Openings: Theory and Practice by I.A. Horowitz

3. Modern Chess Openings by Walter Korn

4. A History of the World Chess Championship by Al Horowitz

5. Chess Quiz by Fred Reinfeld

As a coach for the Hawaii Chess Club I am developing a 5 player chess team to play live team matches and getting all players to work as a team in vote chess. As a volunteerĀ  coach for the local elementary school, I have taught about 20 kids how to play chess and basic strategies to improve for 2 years. As a volunteer chess coach at the local library, I have taught about 10 players basic openings and defences for 2 years.