Sep 8, 2009
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about me: I am an active coach having trained the students from absolute beginners to advanced level. I have been involved in Chess Coaching for quite a few years now. I have trained more than 300 Kids.

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Charges: 15$/Rs 1000 per hour. For Long sessions, discount can be offered. 

Lessons Offered:
I believe, the best way to improve is by analyzing the games and making sure the same set of mistakes are not repeated. I customise my coaching based on individual needs, it involves  opening theory, planning in middle game, calculation skills, positional chess, advanced tactics, endgames, preparing for tournaments and game analysis.  To begin with, I ask my students to send their recent tournament/serious online games to understand the strengths and weaknesses do a quick analysis.

My coaching will be tailored according to the strengths and weakness. From opening to Endgame, I will be able to help you to overcome your weak points in the game.

Coaching Accomplishments: Below are few of my accomplishments in coaching. 
1) My students won U-7 State in Boyz/Girls Chess Championship
2) National Schools Chess Champion they have done very well and finished in top 10
3) Several of my students have won Karnataka State Tournaments
4) Several of my students have received their first fide rating and increased their Fide Rating to 1200-1500.