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Hello, my name is Ivar and I am 11
years old. I live in Sweden. I LOVE chess and football. I am betting on 650 followers and 250 members in my club ''Ivar Hedlund Chess Fan Club''. So can you please help me on the way there? Thank you for reading this text and if you want to read more texts from me, you can follow me and you will receive a notice for each blog post that I send. /Greetings Ivar s. H (utbivasan3)

So. Please join my club ''Ivar Hedlund Chess Fan Club''

My chess personality: Prodigy

You can find me:

Chessable: utbivasan3

Aimchess: utbivasan3

Lichess: Ivarpivar

ChessKid: PalePlayfulChild

Chess24: utbivasan3

Chess Hotel: utbivasan3

My Family:

Father: @TorChess92

Mother: @belensanton

Sister: @Bjanka_18

Grandma: @rosariorojo

Things i know about you

•1. You are reading this

•2. You just gave me +1 view

•3. You are a human

•4. You can't say P without moving your lips

•6. You just attempted to do it

•7. You are laughing at yourself

•8. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5

•9. You check if there was a number 5

•10. You laugh at this because you fell for it

My goals:

-250 members in Ivar Hedlund Chess Fan Club


-1000 friends

-get 2750 puzzle rating

-get 2700 bullet rating

-get 1900 blitz rating

-1250 rapid rating