I started playing chess at the age of 8 and quit playing chess at age 20. Played a lot tournaments and made some money, but girls distracted me from the game.  Played a little in between the years, but nothing serious.  Now I picked it up again in my IPhone. I feel a little rusty, but slowly I'm relearning the game. Life is good!  ( Taking an 8 day cruise will make you forfeit a lot of games, no  internet)  My wife now complains that I'm always with my nose on the phone. It could be worst, I could be with my nose in the computer all the time.

My other hobby is pool (Billiards). Believe it or not pool is a little like chess. There is a strategy behind the game of pool. My wife and I are pretty good pool players too! happy.png  It is choosing the correct path to run the balls and setting up traps or safeties at the right time to win the game. We also do a lot of camping, reading and shooting competitions. Life is good.