Feb 3, 2019
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13 hrs ago
My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. This is my favorite songs of her: she is amazing right? Also i love chess and i beat a 1754 on chesskid and a 1410 he/she was tough, also i have a club that has over 300 people if you want to join it PM me. Also chat with me. My second favorite singer is Dua Lipa and my favorite songs of her is: and there are two more favorite songs of hers. and she is also awesome! See you everyone and have a good day! Catch you up on the other day. Also this is the saddest song that i can find: Also i love animals but my favorite animal is kittens dolphins and ostriches. I like dolphins because they are friendly, and i love ostriches because there are lots of cool facts about them, and i love kittens because they are just too cute to watch and they are so soft! Also this song is the best one: