Hey there! My name is Maria and I have been an avid chess player for about 7 years. I am 14 years old. I enjoy listening to pop music, punk rock, and heavy metal. I am an adopted Japanese girl. Hobbies include drawing, ice skating, and playing fortnite. Favorite opening for white: Queen's Gambit or Ruy Lopez Favorite Black Openings: Sicilian: Nadjorf or the French Defense Tarrasch Variation Highest ELO: 2574 on (2023) Lowest Elo: 827 on (2016) Height 5'3" Weight: 🤨All you need to know is I'm between 100-120 ibs. (tbh that might be too much info.) Introvert Highschool sophmore.

How well do you know me?

Taken: Pawnstriker_17