May 29, 2020
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30 min ago


I saw many guys having their rule book, so I also decided to make one....

The Rrule Book :–

♧ if you are rude with me... Good! Actually Idc...but don't try on other guys they might report you...umm...hmm.

♧ Offensive words? Insulting me? I don't care either... I deal with these lames everyday I guess. Well I'll Insult you back but I swear I'll avoid bad words....

♧ Reported me? Haha.. I just can't stop lovin' you more...

♧ Blocked me? Again idc... many guys do with or without reasons. But I use to get rent from these blocks... off course I can't live in multiple blocks right? Do you want some?

♧ Wanna play with me? But i don't accept challenges...actually I do. But only from someone special. So If you think you're special, go on then challenge me..

♧ Did I offend you? I'm so sorry bout' that....after all it's just a chess site. So let's settle this on the board...if we met in reality,  I can buy you a candy maybe and then might stab you down with a knife maybe...just kidding...

♧ Wanna have coffee with me? Yeah sure I would prefer cold one (strictly Cupertino).

♧ Did i cheat? Oh I love cheating! Don't linger here.. ask chess support for that...

♧ I m boring?  No I'm not you nut-head! (no offense)

♧ more rules under construction....

There are many guys on this site who are so generous, supportive, maybe mischievous (not all of them), and one of the best. I must name them... but i m a bit lazy so just check them out from my friend's list...