Sep 20, 2007
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Apr 12, 2018
i am a reader writter and poet musian i love life and everything in it and a part of it life love and liberty i enjoy the ages and history and have come to understand the present and future in a small way i like film and taking pictures and everything is beautiful to me a lover and a friend i like chess from the first time i was taught it in grammar school thirty years ago and have played on and off again for that much time or more the more chess i play the better i like the game the three move checkmate is the opening that i was taught also known as the bishop;s opening for white i do use other openings for black which i dont know what the names are happy chess playing i could only dream of being a world class player and win a few big prizes i like to play white more directly on offence and black on defense or on reserve i love to win but im pretty good at losing too chess has humbled me in some ways i thought i was a better player until i meet some of you guys after all before this web site i was considered pretty good so that was then and this is now playing chess after all a cool game with all its