Tim Duce
Van Alstyne, TX, United States
Jan 24, 2008
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Sep 5, 2016

I have always loved chess (learned to play at age 7), but never really got serious till a few years ago.   Was a member of WorldChessNetwork when they were still on the web.  ICC bought them out and I moved over to ICC and WCL.  I found Chess.com just searching the web for chess sites. 

Have taken some lessons with IM Tom O'Donnell for a while.  He's been very helpful in pointing out and correcting weaknesses in my game.   I really enjoy the individual attention you receive having a Coach.   Books are great, but having someone see your games, strengths and weaknesses, and helping you develop in all those areas is huge IMO.    Finances have limited my ability to continue taking lessons, but at some point I'd like to start those up again.

Say hi if you see me in live chess!

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