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I feel like adding something obvious concerning the profound chesscom research, because to my surprise quite many people (pretend to) miss the main absurdity of this explaination. Let me remind you

"As to the allegations about Hikaru’s incredible performance streaks (including winning 45.5 games out of 46), we have also looked at the statistics behind this. Our team has done the math and various simulations of streaks for a player like Hikaru who has played more than 50,000 gam45 game winning streak possible, it is in fact likely given the number of games played. We have confirmed these results with external statisticians, including a professor of statistics at a top-10 university"

On top of clearly wrong number (50000 games) there is a MAJOR LOGICAL MISTAKE in this, understandable for anyone with a basic logical skills and intellect,if he reads it and thinks

As you might notice, it says at the beginning "increadible winning streaks" followed by the conclution that "45 games winning streapossible and in fact likely" which is an obvious logical fallacy. So dear mathematicians, what did you examine, numerous streaks, mentioned in the first sentence, or one 45 winning streak, you base your verdict on in the third sentence? 

Was it a mistake or you believe everybody who reads this idiocy, excuse me my french, is IQless? 🙂 What about giving us information on the REAL subject of this research, that is according to your first sentence, the probability of those streaks?

I am not,sorry, therefore demanding some respect towards the intellecrual abilities of your customers and honesty. In your next research on this matter which you MUST provide us after such a statement

 Waiting for your explainations on this obvious mistake,which you seem to me to admit by keeping silence. Only strong people admit their mistakes and correct them.

   Be strong