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I'm a GM from Israel, who is a frequent visitor of the US tournaments. I have been playing chess since I'm 5 and achieved the highest title in chess in 1996. I'm a bronze medalist of the 2010 Olympiad and a winner of many international tournaments including Calvia with a perfomance around 2900! I have been teaching chess since I turned 17 and now I offer online and in person private and group lessons also on chess.com. Great discounts for long courses. Please check my availability for chess camps in the US and also for individual and team competitions all over the world. I have been regularly contributing videos and articles for chess.com

Below you'll find a few examples:



Here you can find one of the most spectacular moves I

have ever made. First try to find it on your own and then look at the solution under the board.









1.g6!! After this beautiful move, which has a purpose to stop 1...g6 from Black I put my opponent in a zugzwang position in a few moves and won the game.

This is a nice win over the former Kasparov's second GM Azmaiparashvili :


And two recent wins over GMs Nigel Short and Parimarjan Negi:




My rates are $100 per hour, $180 for a 2-hour session, , $900 for 10 hours.

Don't hesitate to contact me and ask for chess lessons at vmikhalevski@hotmail.com !