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Vitaly Neimer

St. Louis, MO, United States
Jun 18, 2016
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Vitaly Neimer - Founder and CEO of Powerful Chess, LLC. International Chess Master with more than 25 years of experience. Grandmaster in residence of the prestigious Saint Louis Chess Club. Author of various chess articles and an expert theoretical adviser - Inventor of the powerful "Hydra System". ICF Certified trainer - taught more than 3750+ of satisfied students around the world in schools, kindergartens, clubs, universities, summer camps, corporations, senior homes, and private clients online and in person.

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My goal is to help other ambitious players achieve their full potential.

**************** Try it - I offer a unique FREE Consultation Session !!! ****************


​​I implement an innovative training program to help you learn fast and become a better player. My success comes from combining a carefully designed dynamic program for different skill levels from beginner to advanced with my extensive experience teaching and playing chess. The result is measured by your increased performance in tournaments and a higher rating in both FIDE and USCF. 

**************** Try it - I offer a unique FREE Consultation Session!!! ****************



Why me and not someone else? what makes me unique?

1. My powerful program is interactive, convenient and affordable. I always look for ways to upgrade it and provide the best customer service - total satisfaction is guaranteed or you will get your money back!
2. There are many good chess players around the world, some of them are weaker and some are stronger than me. But it is one thing to play chess, and another teaching it. I believe I have special interpersonal communication skills which I use during my lessons to make it fun and understandable - especially for children.
​3. I am not only a coach, but also a leader which provides direction. I will not only teach chess but also show my students how to learn and advance on their own. Using this method will allow students to develop their skills much faster.




Website - www.PowerfulChess.com

Email - info@powerfulchess.com

Facebook - PowerfulChess

LinkedIn- vitalyneimer

Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/powerfulchess

Skype - vneimer


Please message me or email at info@powerfulchess.com for any questions you might have, and visit PowerfulChess.com to read more information and satisfied client reviews.





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