Chess.com Moderator

Welcome to my profile happy.png

Here are a few chess.com Staff/Mod hyperlinks to resources and then below that I’ll share a little more about myself in a Want/Will/Won’t list:


Want: I want to make the world a better place. I want to become a better chess player. I want to be a “safe space” for others. I want to listen to Vocaloid music a lot (SEGA has a great series with Vocaloid and Sonic The Hedgehog and many others. I listen to their music a lot when playing chess). I want everyone to be kind to one another. I want more people to get interested in chess.

Will: I will do my best to keep the chess.com community running smoothly; all Staff/Mods I work with are all amazing people who love chess like I do! I will accept chess.com friend requests. I will be busy with chess.com work on this account (thank you for understanding). I will do my best to help people with any problems they have although contacting chess.com support should always be the route to go to first if it is related to chess.com.

Won’t: I won’t join many chess.com clubs. I won’t play Daily Chess much. I won’t reveal my identity, or give out details too personal. I won’t let the chess.com community down.

Thank you for reading my profile. I love you all for doing your part keeping the chess.com community an amazing place! happy.png