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I won 3rd place at EURO -2008 and in 2002.
3: Russia Chess Champion 2000, See all Champions of Russia
http://e3e5.com/newsitem.php?id=35470 CUP OF RUSSIA WINNER - 2000. GM
tournament: Minsk1996, Kstovo1997, Krasnoyarsk1998, Krasnodar1998,
SAnkt-Peterburg 1998,1999,2009; Antalya 2002, Korinthos 2002, Stokholm
(Rilton Cup) 2005,2011; Livigno 2
4: Vice-champion of Europe (team) - 2000 .Champion of Russia (team) 2000 and
2001(Club "Lentransgas",St.Peterburg), TPS (Saransk) 2th-4th place in Russian
Premier League 2005. TPS (Saransk) 1-2th place in Russian Premier League 2006


I give chess lessons at 50$ USA / hour

Team managers and tournament organizers! I'm open for your proposals! You
are welcome to send an e-mail: gmvolkov@yandex.ru,