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Walter Werling
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Jan 5, 2012
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2 hrs ago
Supporting member since Sep 22, 2012

I've recently become interested in playing chess again after a layoff of decades. I hope to improve my game and make some new friends.

I am married, a Christian, and active in our church. We have two married daughters and four grandchildren, the oldest of which are both attending Purdue.

I worked with computers in the early days of the industry, pre-Internet. A typical calculator today is more powerful than the business computers I first programmed. Paper tape input/output, double-addressed drum memory, then punched cards, programs written on paper forms before being punched, printing done on teletype-like devices, then noisy computer rooms with huge printers, storage racks with reel after reel of magnetic tape and dozens of people serving the printers, the tape drives, etc. Then, finally, the internet, lights out computer operation, personal computers as input devices. Tremendous changes. Back in the days of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, I worked for the business computer division of GE, one of the dwarves. Can anyone guess who Snow White was?

Too much info, I'm sure. Well that's all for now.

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