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Hello there!

If you're reading this, we have probably played against each other. I really enjoy bullet at the moment and I focus on 1 minute games.  Like most people, I win about half my games and lose the other half.  That's the nature of chess. I don't think there are anywhere near as many cheats as others would have you believe.  if you are cheating , its only yourself.   

I love playing chess against people from all around the world.  I love the fact that we are united by our passion for the game.  Your race makes no difference to me.  You are a fellow chess player and I already like you because of it.  If we met at a gathering we would have this in common. 

If i've asked you to become friends it's because I like the way you play.  I love having friends all around the world.  I wont leave negative comments for you or anyone else and ask that you do the same for others too.   If you don't have anything nice to say, just  let it go.

On private message someone asked me: " Don't you ever get angry from losing?" 

My response:  "Anger, hatred, vengeance are all emotions that are detrimental to health and detract from the joy of the human experience, not to mention carcinogens.   I choose not to entertain them in life and especially not during my choice of relaxation and recreational activities like chess."

 I look forward to playing with you again.

If we haven't yet played, ask me to be friends, I will almost alway accept and we can play soon. 

Thanks for reading

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