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Ethan Ware

Menan, Idaho., United States
Aug 21, 2017
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3 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jun 18, 2018

Hi! My name is Ethan William Ware. I have been homeschooled my entire life and enjoy it! I am homeschooled differently than most people. We mostly just kinda learn things on our own.(we are still taught lots of things though) I learn about 80% of things on my own. And 20% is taught to me.(i think) i like to draw, rollerblade, I LOVE to read(mostly just fantasy) and sometimes I Roleplay with my family. I have a goal to become the world chess champion someday(within 10 years) and plan on teaching chess too. I am very chatty and thoughtful, I have add too which combined makes "spaciness". Meaning that i will get lost in thought at random times. Amd it happens very often(I am glad cuz that is usually where I get my best ideas from) and i may start thinking silly things like"why is this like that? I wonder if this guy every wondered this? I wonder if he is wondering it right now, i wonder if he ever wondered if i every wondered this, etc etc... I live on a homestead in a family of 7 (3 little brothers & a little sister) i spend a lot of my time playing and learning chess. I like to play Bulldog chess with witch(see the "chess960 and oth variants" forum. I like to play highre rated players(i have played vs CM thegreatauk a few times.) and I also lile to play lower rated players and may be able to teach them a thing or two. I would love it if you sent me a challenge! Especially Bulldog chess with witch!


🎶You just left me! Left me! My heart just broke in two! Broke in two! I have a new modo! A new modo we should use to advertise! Yes advertise this thread!🎶 I was saying this to Htp. All these are from TOGOT/The Official Goofing Off Thread.

 "Lol. This is quiet funny!" I spelled the wrong word here! 😆

"bullet and blitz is for building you intuition. Rapid is to practice firm calculation. And daily is to take too much time and chat." Me to @Bl1tzcr4nk

"It says 'Dude'. You are probably to blind to see it cuz it is like a whole six inches from your face!"�

  "I ban you cuz you secretly want to become a MOD!"

 "By the power invested in me...I hereby BAN you!"

 "What's up with all this HAHAHAHAHAHA stuff? Even the 18 face palms  was funnier!"

  "Give me a winning position and I will lose. Give me a losing position...and i will still lose.😂

  "Why did we stop? Don't you want to chat with Mr. Amazing?"

"lettuce...do this for us!"

"Glad to see ya pin. I think I am gonna call you master pinful"

"Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruits, Wisdom is not putting them in fruit salads."

 More coming...


of you have some quotes you would like me to add just pm them to me or leave a note. Thanks!

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