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Louisiana, United States
May 15, 2008
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Mar 8, 2009
I've always loved to play chess...ever since I can remember. Other sports have caught my intrest, however... such as swimming, basketball, soccer, track, volleyball, baseball, & football. I absolutly LOVE to draw. I guess I inherrited by draawing abilities from my grandfather. He draws beautiful paintings and gets money from selling them. My friends are the best thing that has ever happened to me(besides God). Michael, Big Josh, Lil' Josh, Pete, Grant, EJ, JT, Ian, Sam, Phillip, Brandy, Allison, Albony, Emily, Mashaera, Shelby, & Annie have been my friends forever! I would like to be a bar tender, so that I could make drinks for people and get very large tips. :D I think I started playing chess in the first grade. My friend got me into it one day, asking me if i wanted to try it. At first I believed all the stereotypes about "only nerds play chess" & I didn't want to go...but she insisted, and I humored her. Ever since then, I've been playing chess. My mentor, Mr. Tim, is I guess you could call a master at chess. He taught me pretty much everything I know about the game. When I was in second grade, I won first place in the state. Not too long ago I won first place in my age group playing 8th graders. (I'm a seventh grader)
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