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     Hi, I am Corgi Master Welsh-Corgi aka King Corgi, I understand that most people who view my profile do not read my bio, but thank you for reading this. Also, check out this slideshow; Welsh-Corgi's Slideshow. I have been playing Chess for about a year and have been doing Chess.com for about 1 year. I also take lessons. If you leave a note on my profile I will respond (only once per member). I am also the owner of The Corgi Club! and a super admin of Team Pokémons and The Fan Club of Chess! I do not accept most club invitations. But, I accept all unrated daily challenges from 100-1500 elo. I like pi (π). I will list the first 15 digits of pi, π = 3.14159265358979! If you need some help with opening traps check out this blog: 10 Opening Traps That Work by @PedroPinhata. Also please read my blog; https://www.chess.com/blog/Top-Blogger-Welsh-Corgi and follow me. Also to learn more about Corgis click on the link; Corgi Facts! Also if you are interested in the MrBeast lawwsuit, than check out this blog, MrBeast Lawsuit Blog! Whoever leaves the most interesting fact about Corgis in my notes will be crowned Corgi Fan of the Month and will receive an award, special image, and a winning ID so you can be a verified winner.  I do not accept most friend requests I receive. If you have any questions about Chess.com I can probably answer them as long as they are not about Beta, a club, Chess.com jobs, etc. Just message with me and I will probably respond within 1-2 days. If you have any questions about Corgis just message me or leave me a note and I will probably respond within 2-3 days. I also do custom themes, if you want a custom theme just message me about it and I will respond quickly. Also please follow me! Thanks for reading this!😀

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