Dec 18, 2018
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Greetings, you are currently viewing the profile of a person who is addicted to chess, yet lacks the skill to succeed. As you can probably discern and be conscious of, I have an extremely low Elo rating. Outrageously terrible at blitz 3 minute chess. Absolutely horrible at tactics. Lost approximately 99.9 (recurring) percent of my games, so essentially all of them. Well, we can prove it algebraically if dubious, but I should think not. Quantum physics, fluid dynamics, theoretical astrophysics, differential equations, Newtonian mechanics, calculus, linear algebra, philosophy, cosmology and astronomy, other disciplines of theoretical physics, nuclear physics, algebraic topology and a number of other pseudo-random things are interesting.  Not to say that quantum mechanics is not bizarre in the slightest, but honestly, the next time you hearken to a bell, you can resort to Bell's Theorem. Entanglement is fun! To all those mathematical nominalists out there, tensors are not generalisations of matrices nor vectors! Let us now construct a Dyson sphere surrounding Alpha Proxima Centauri, and consume Cepheid variables on a daily basis! Seemingly logical!