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CM White_Phoenix

Clive Ng

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Mar 16, 2009
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1 day ago
Supporting member since Nov 22, 2010

I'm a student at University of Sydney doing Arts / Economics, I like playing the piano (6th grade), reading novels by Atwood or dean Koontz, watching good anime ( Haruhi Snk, Girl who leapt through time) and am currently addicted to watching Game of thrones / Suits. I was the 2009 NSW HighSchools Chess Champion. I would also describe myself as a pretty lazy guy.I love playing chess in Hyde Park and I especially love blitz!! I first learnt chess at the age of 9 from one of my primary school teacher mrs allan and remembered my first chess lesson by a cool 2200 guy . My Favourite chess player to watch is Kasparov because his play is so dynamic and fun (not fun analyzing actually his play gives me headaches to analyze but watching it is like watching an action movie). I'm also a fan of radjabov's counter attacking style  though lately he's sort of been active with a family , Karjakin is also a favourite with his win against Carlsen in 2012 being one of my favourite games . Another player I'm a fan of in terms of style is Topalov because of the sheer energy he creates on the board. I play with the eventual goal of being strong enough to take a point off Magnus in a blitz game.

Likes: Good Food and good music with friends 

Dislikes: Losing a chess game and having to catch public transport for 2 hrs to get back home.

I also plan on working hard to achieve the IM title  so watch this space!   

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