I will tell you a liddle story:

Once there was born on 2 agust 2009 around 20:30 ( so I am 11! ) a liddle boy, it likes socker very much, fanatic at it, and also very good...His lovliest colours are, and been always : orange, brown and black...His favourite animal is the lion...Since his young on he was playing socker with people of the street, he was still liddle but already very good. Some times he plays some chess, being fair..he was really bad at. When he was on the 3th group of school he was always very late finished with his exercises...Wasn't really stupid, but his cleverness hadn't really caught on either. Since the 4th, 5th classes he maked a really big step...He was the best of the hole class you can say sure. So his life went on, some times on vacantion, at grandma and grandfather... But 2019 dec he just really discovered his hobby. His father did let hem a chess website seen. He liked chess always already so he started to be active at that chess website ( chess.com )...many chess games he was playing a day. But he was a beginner, only strenth of 700-800 blitz, but he was improving every day. After a few weeks ( read about later the next part, enough writed for now)

And should I tell you a secret? That boy, is me!

( story not ready yet )

 think that you know me good, check then this out: https://quizabout.me/quiz/402719

                                                                                                                                                            Founder of ¨Chess will¨, a strong club in daily of near to 750 members

Founder of ¨The 7th piece¨, a very new club ( since 17th aug. ) where we trying to improve you in your chess, puzzles, lessons, games and daily matches to practice what you learned

                                                                                                                                                          I am able the give chess lessons, my price for doing it is

 a golden membership for a year. I am giving like 20 lessons spread about 2021, maybe will go further in 2022 because maybe I cannot give lessons since I have school, but I hope I can do it. And, sorry to say, only teaching you when you speak English or Dutch. Why I am doing this? @GabrielLN10 braught me on the idea by asking of I wanted to give chess lessons. I am doing because I just like it to ( It is fun but I am taking my lessons seriously ). My father says always you can learn yourself when you are someone else learing something. Also for that. And I wanted to give in the future chess lessons, so why not earlier and gain experience. I think...I am just good also enough to do it, I am beating far of the most time the masters of my chess club. Maybe you think, you are only 11, what to you know about teaching. I have got 2 chess teachers in total ( if you don't count my father when I was young, for how the pieces move ) and I learned from boths sides and I have of course self I idea about teaching.     Teaching you with fun, but I taking my job seriously.

I like chess, I play and I improve ( since my 700 rate blitz rating 1,5+ years ago, haha! ). Sometimes I am dowing in rate a lot, for example now, friday I was 1985 and now I am just a few more then 1900. Normaly I just relax, half singing when I am playing and then sometimes I storm down the stairs to tell my parents what a wunderful I move I played! And then I am going to my room again, playing or just looking the game sometimes to look for mistakes or learning something else....And then I continue, with the feeling I know I get that 2000 soon ( or other rate in your case ). Sometimes I just lose some and then it is fine for me, I think I will come even better back, but sometimes I lose to many and I lose the trust in myself, I get frustrated and I lose more, and then I keep playing until I get my normal rate back, what of course does not work. Losed my hope, I know it is coming alright but still...I don't feel me a hole William anymore. I try to relax with some music and read some Donald Duck. At the moment I make a move I am proud about my feeling is coming back, just like my rate.

Quotes I like ( and used ) ( and created: A day begins and ends with chess ( , improving daily )

You can be only good at chess if you love the game...( Bobby Fischer )

Behind in material? The moment where fun begins! ( Me )

Every move has a reason, only need to find it. ( me )

On a mission to improve, and improve at improving. ( me )

Do you not trust yourself? Who are you then to be yourself, if you trust even yourself not? Trust yourself and move the move you have in mind happy.png! ( me )

Sometimes you're losing sometimes you're winning but in the long run you are improving ( me )

I know I am winning but I need to prove it ( me )

¨When you lose, you always come stronger back¨ 💪

¨It was a ok move, until I started thinking¨

Most of these quotes come into my head when I am just playing a game or else...

A fan of:

Chess, Playing chess, agadmator and Donald Duck....

I am a real lion, constellation, favorite animal, (character?). I like compliments.  However it does not intrest me about clothes, just like always the same: short brook, batik shirt ( light shirt from Indonesia ),( underpant ) , and some socks. Hole the year ( exept when it snows ), I am not really very fast getting it cold. I like public, I really enjoy it when people look my live-games.

I have also some family on chess.com, @MamaVis is my  mother...should I say...ehh she is still learning chess. She also drawned this drawn of me.

@LouiseStier, that is my little sister, 8 years old, first she was really intrested in chess and was playing and puzzling many but after a few weeks or something she stopped again.

Yes, I have family on chess.com but also people I have meeted in real life people, mostly people of my offline chessclub. And I have also a friend of school: @madsdouwe

I am playing every Tuesday on 20:30pm blitz tournament of 2 hours with teachers and old-members of my chessclub, so please don't challenge me then, I won't accept, also thursday chesslesson and tournament.

Have played once a rated tournament, my rating needs to grow still.


Last update 25 may 2021, still updating

Lichess: https://lichess.org/@/TheChessWilliam        Name is: TheChessWilliam

Chessbase/playchess.com: https://play.chessbase.com/en/ Name is WilliamLeeuw

Chesstempo.com: https://chesstempo.com/  Name is TheChessWilliam

Chess24: https://chess24.com/en/profile/thechesswilliamleeuw

Tornelo.com: William Roolvink          William Roolvink is the username here