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wilson velasquez
arequipa, Peru
Jul 7, 2013
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23 hrs ago
I think I'm an agressive player or maybe - Never try to change queens, mmm...but... just to finish the game when I got a clear advantage over it. I love find patterns and make a great combination of them, sometimes happens and it was good! Well I learned to play 3 years ago and I found this fascinating, I remember to see playing to one of my friends - Linda, she used to sacrifice her bishop in f7, Ok in real games probably doesn't work but I loved the meaning of this and I decided to play always on attack. For me, Chess's pieces positions in the middle of the game are more important!, no matter if I have to sacrifice one of them. Please!, if I left the game after win or lose it! it's just because I pressed the next button quickly, so don't write me stupid things. By myself I've never wrote to someone to offend or something but yep sometimes I reply with bad things too because they deserve it!
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