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International Master, coach, and author. Russian student champion (2017). FIDE: 2420.

Coaching: I've coached chess players of different levels and ages for several years and published many articles and video courses for thechessworld.com.

Some people come with certain issues in their play. If you feel like you are one of them, you can message me and describe your request to make sure I can help you.

If you want to improve your game but don't know in which direction to go, we can define that together.

Overall, I use different teaching methods. Here are some of my favorite ones:
- exercises for improving certain areas of the game. I often give it as homework.
- guess the move (solitaire chess) - the method considered by many to be one of the most efficient for chess improvement.
- different types of exercises for calculation (visualization, tactical vision, imagination, etc.).
- game collections for different topics to enrich your knowledge.
- playing games and training positions: for diagnosing your game and improving your skills in practice.
- discussions of chess psychology, tips, and tricks to improve your practical results.

The hourly rate is $40, and homework is included.

To see my delivery and the sou
nd quality (or watch some chess content), check out my YouTube.

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