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Professional personal online chess training from €36,- per hour! 

My name is Midas! I am the author of the Chessable course Attacking Repertoire for Club Players For White: https://www.chessable.com/attacking-repertoire-for-club-players-1-e4-/course/99434/

For Black: https://www.chessable.com/attacking-repertoire-for-club-players-for-black/course/107621/

Also, I am a chess coach and founder of www.thechesscommunity.com

Do you want to want to join TheChessCommunity? Welcome! TheChessCommunity is a place where chess players can connect for individual and group lessons from passionate coaches, to find training partners for friendly matches, to get access to our courses, videos, and puzzles. Join TheChessCommunity and start your journey to chess mastery!