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Professional personal online chess training for only  €30,- / hour! Discount when taking weekly lessons. 

I am a Dutch Fide Master and an experienced chess trainer. My level of play improved over the last couple of years by using powerful training tools and methods, which are underestimated and not frequently used by other players. My trainings will not only aim to improve your understanding and level of chess, but it will teach you how to use the most important books, chess videos , chessbase and other trainings tools to continue improving your chess even when the lessons are over.

Openings I have high expertise in are:

With black: Caro-kann, French Defence, Tringle Slav(Nooteboom, Marshall gambit and Stonewall) 

With white: a lot of knowledge after both 1e4 and 1d4 

Trainings focus on the following aspects depending on your personal preference

  • Create a personal training plan: Which openings to study and how? How to improve your tactics and calculation? What part of your game needs most improvement?
  • Game analyses: Analysis of your tournament and competition games
  • Training exercises: Exercises to practise calculation and endgame knowledge
  • Homework: exercises and openings to study in-between trainings
  • Tournament preparation: Specific preparation for your next opponent in a tournament    

Chess players from beginner level till 2200 rating are welcome to take online training on skype. If you are interested you are welcome to plan a free introduction session of 30 minutes to get to know each other. After the introduction session you can decide if you want to continue and take lessons.

You can take a training package of 10 weekly lessons with discount:

10 lessons of 1 hour:              €270,-   (10% discount)

10 lessons of 1,5 hours:         €382,50 (15% discount) 

10 lessons of 2 hours:            €480,-   (20% discount) 

Please contact me on: midasratsma@gmail.com or on the chess.com website