Make a note; the R. stands for Rothschild. I am a very wealthy industrialist. I enjoy only the finest quality cigars and with them, a snifter of only the most superb cognac my money can procure. I have no time, or tollerance, for that matter, for anything that does not increase my net worth. My butlers each make over 250,000 English pounds per year and believe me, they earn it. All of my 6 homes (containing a minimum of 17 bathing rooms) display the finest works of art. I am so wealthy, I could recklessly use $100 American bills as bath tissue. I don't only due to my passionate obsession with greed and wealth. I am simply a chess master and perhaps, too skilled to play any of you. And frankly, my attention is primarily dedicated to the international stock markets. Time is money my friends. Need I say more?